2005-2006 Open Themed RR
Completed January 2006


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Taken from" The Castle and the dragon"
Designer: Susan Penny
From Myth and Magic p 14-15
Publisher: David and Charles 2002

This is for my RR

Flower Basket
Designer: Pamela Kellogg for DMC
This was taken from a freebie pamphlet
included in the 27 Newest Colors pack from 2001

This is for Deanna's RR

Byzantine Ornament #6
Designer: Teresa Wentzler
I used Waterlilies Nefertiti for the accent color.

This is for Ruth's RR.

Black & Orange Butterfly
(Danaus Plexippus)
From Butterfly Collection
Designer: Cross My Heart Inc.

This is for Jenny's RR.

Taken from "Spring in the Garden
Designer: Marjolein Bastin

This is for Kathy's RR.

My Fair Ladybug
Designer: Just Nan

This is for Autumn's RR.

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