Hints for stitching Deep Peace

By Kari Boardman

Iluminated D

1. First, I figured out where the D was going to go on my fabric. I measured where the upper left over-one box would be then counted from that corner to the upper left corner of the box around the D.
2. Using the chart for the D (pg2) I stitched the over 2 xs of the box around the D first! This helped me to place everything else later. I believe this is first step on page 2.
3. Then I bsd the outline of the D. This was made it MUCH easier to fill in the over on stitches in the D. I highly recommend doing it in this order. This is the first step on page 1.
4. Once I had the D outlined, I went back to step 1 on page 2 and filled in the over 2 xs to finish out the box and put in the stem stitches (step 2 on page 2) The chart for the D has some of them filled in.
5. Next, I stitched the over one parts you see on the D chartThe trees, the flower, the moon, and the blue corners.
6. Finally, I filled in the D with over one stitches in yellow.
7. I left the kreinik and the purl for the FINAL thing on this piece as suggested in the directions. To do the kreinik, follow the chart on page 6 to see how to stagger the over 2 rows.

The middle of the D.

1. I actually did this in the order that she recommends. The detailed chart for it is found on page 3a.
2. Her directions are pretty straight forward here.
3. For the final stage of this area step 3 on page 4 (Simple Darning), I started my darning following the chart on page 3a. I tried to follow the pattern as I went down. Start each new color on the line where you see the o.

The wording
1. Back stitch as you see on page 4 a.
2. On the main chart, there is an e where each line should start.
3. The M and D for the2 bottom lines will be in the 2 blank boxes under the Big D. The letter chart has the placement for the BS letters that go with those.
4. I found it better to stitch just BS everything, then go back and fill in the over one on the M and D boxes.
5. Remember, the over one is just around the outside of the letter. (refer to photo)

The rest:
1. I pretty much followed her directions for the rest of the piece in the order she wrote them. The rest is pretty easy to follow.
2. One thing to note: whoever stitched the model for the picture, did not follow the counting on the chart. The placement of things in the model is a little off. Just use it as a guide, keeping this in mind!
3. For the leaf border, its pretty easy to follow along. On the master chart, the left side and top are charted. All you have to do for the right and bottom is flip the chart.
4. I choose to leave off the Pailettes. I think it looks just as good without them. One hint though, they do tarnish eventually, so you may want to cover these with clear nail polish first.